The independent art scene

The independent art scene is booming. As millennials start to enjoy increasing disposable income, many of them are turning to independent artists to help decorate their homes and show their taste to the wider world. This has led to cities all over the world from Melbourne to San Francisco developing bohemian art scenes. On this blog, there's information about independent artists, advice on how to choose a painting that will grow in value and bring joy and admiration for many years to come and a guide to the art scene that is found in cities around the world.

Boosting Artistic Creativity

29 Jul 2021

Sometimes an artist will suffer a block in their creativity. This will be very frustrating for them. Luckily there are numerous methods for boosting and nurturing a creative spark. This can include listening to music, taking a break, increasing comfort levels, and scheduling timeframes for projects.

Art & Crafts for Kids

5 Feb 2020

If your kids get too hyperactive during the day and it's an arduous task looking after them, why not get creative and let them develop their artistic side by giving them DIY arts and crafts projects to focus on? You will be amazed at the result.

Taking a walk on the wild side

17 Dec 2019

The art scene has never really been full of angels. A lot of painters and photographers have been attracted to darker subjects and marginalized lifestyles: bars, gambling halls and casinos, and so forth.

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If at first you don’t succeed

I know luck takes some time to smile on you, so I can’t say I was terribly surprised not to walk out of the casino a millionaire. I did learn a lot about the appeal of games like slots, and it really opened up my artistic palate seeing so many characters under one roof. It seems like casinos attract every type of character. There were a lot of teams of older people at the slots, 30-somethings around the blackjack tables, and it seemed like the poker tables had the biggest mix of people.

I know artists have different haunts where they search for their muses, but I think I’ll hit the casino again for some fresh ideas.

Create Your Own Art This Holiday Season

19 Nov 2019

When Christmas is approaching, most people are busy shopping for gifts for their family and friends. If you have always had that artistic side inside of you, why not design and make your own gifts this season? If you need help, there are inspirational videos to help you started.